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Boyah Blew Up

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yeah seriously who blows up such a fucking delicious chick fillet geez???

This particular blog is without a doubt awesome additionally factual. I have picked a bunch of helpful things out of this blog. I’d love to come back again and again. Thanks a lot!

I am attaching "additionally factual" to all sentences from now on.


--- Quote from: isockimmire on May 10, 2011, 04:12:00 AM ---Awwwwwwww blew a rod and bought a 1070 kit...... will it really make that much of a power diff? Oh and fuck you ronnie why would i wanna blow up the chick fillet its fucking delicious

--- End quote ---

did this bot really quote observe and report

because if so

it is my new favorite bot ever

I completely forgot about that bot post and it caught me off guard. I can't stop laughing. mglw'nafh;


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